четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

Акция! Скидка $ 8,00 при первом заказе по коду ROV836 до конца марта!

http://www.dreamstime.com under Royalty Free license

До вторника действует скидка при первом заказе!

$ 8,00 по коду 
ROV836 (Обычно - $ 5.00)!
осталось 4 дня!

Информацию об этой акции айхерб рассылает по емейлу:

Dear iHerb Rewards Partner,
Here are two opportunities to help you earn even more this month, and beyond!
#1 - Due to popular demand, we've decided to once again raise the value of your $5 coupon to $8, through the end of March
Simply recommend iHerb to everyone you know and ask them to enter your code ROV836 in the shopping cart, before checkout, for an instant $8 savings on their 1st order!
(Please note that this is a limited-time offer, and the value will revert back to $5 after March 31st, 2012.)
#2 - Chance for a bonus!
By ranking anywhere in the top 10 by the end of this month you will earn an additional $500 bonus! You may monitor your current ranking for this month inside your iHerb rewards account.
(This competition is based on the revenue generated from all "new customers" that you introduce to iHerb during the month of March.)
Need ideas on how to best share your coupon code? Visit our Rewards Tips page.
Hint: Twitter, Facebook, & blogging are very popular and effective methods for sharing one's code.
Tweet, post, publish or email the following custom links containing your coupon code -- thus eliminating the need to enter the code manually.

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