вторник, 6 марта 2012 г.

Скидка 10% на 4 бренда!

Только что пришло письмо о дополнительной скидке в 10% до пятницы до 8.00 ч по тихоокеанскому времени (по московскому времени - до 20.00 ч. пятницы) на следующие бренды:

Эта дополнительная скидка будет отображается в корзине. Объединяется с VIP-скидкой (если таковая имеется).

Вот полный текст письма:
Dear iHerb VIP Customer, 
Take advantage of this special unpublished email offer!Enjoy an extra 10% off the following 4 best selling brands now through this Friday, March 9th, 8:00 a.m. our time.
Country Lifehttp://www.iherb.com/Country-Life
New Chapterhttp://www.iherb.com/New-Chapter
Aubrey Organicshttp://www.iherb.com/Aubrey-Organics
Life Extensionhttp://www.iherb.com/Life-Extension
This additional discount will show up in the shopping cart, and can be combined with your across the board VIP discounts -- which are:
--5% off for orders under $60--6% off for orders of $60 or more--7% off for orders of $70 or more--8% off for orders of $80 or more--9% off for orders of $90 or more--10% off for orders of $100 or moreNEW!--12% off for orders of $200 or more--14% off for orders of $400 or more
(Please note that due to Airmail restrictions, discounts from 8% to 14% may not be available to all international customers)
You will see your extra VIP discount at checkout, after signing into your iHerb account.

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